Transfer Agreement

Statement of Copyright Transfer

The author(s) certifies that the author(s) agrees to submit the manuscript to Journal of Food Hygiene and Safety with the pledge to abide by the followings.

1. The manuscript is original, doesn't violate codes of research ethics, and has never been published by or submitted to another journal.

2. The author(s) of the manuscript transfers all the rights, financial interests, and copyrights related to the manuscript to the Korean Society of Food Hygiene and Safety. This means, when the author(s) wishes to adopt any of the contents of this manuscript for the author(s) another manuscript, the author(s) shall get written approval from the Korean Society of Food Hygiene and Safety and the sources in the manuscript shall be clearly mentioned in the another manuscript.

3. The Korean Society of Food Hygiene and Safety defines a research misconduct as any of the following conducts done during the suggestion and implementation of a research and the report and presentation of its result.

1) "Fabrication" means falsifying nonexistent data or research result.
2) "Falsification" means attempting to distort research and its result by manipulating research materials, equipment, and processes or arbitrarily modifying or deleting research data.
3) "Plagiarism" means stealing innovative person's research and the result without proper authorization or citation of the person.
4) "Improper citation of author(s)" means not citing the person(s) who make scientific and technological contribution to research and its result as author or citing the person(s) who didn't make any contribution as expression of thanks or sign of respect to the person(s).
5) Any behavior which substantially deviates from the standard of the academia.
6) Other conducts which require investigation or verification of the committee.

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