Submission Checklist

※ Fill and submit this check list along with the manuscript.




The manuscript shall be written in MS Word or Hangul word processor.

The English title of the manuscript is consistent with the Korean one.

The name and affiliate of author(s) in English is consistent with the ones in Korean.

Abstract, key words, figures, tables, and references are written in English.


The number of key words are five or less and written in small letters.

Texts and references

Scientific names and abbreviations are written in accordance with the rules.

Units are used in accordance with the rules.

References are cited in accordance with the rules.

Research methods and the result of the research are consistent.

Correct formatting for references is made in accordance with the rules.

All references are cited in the text and superscript numbers are assigned to references.

Tables and Figures

All tables and figures are explained in English but they shall be easily understandable without reading the text.

All pictures in the manuscript are jpg files with the resolution of 200 dpi or more.